How Leaders Can Push Employees Without Stressing Them Out

In this insightful article by Karen Firestone,  President and CEO of Aureus Asset Management, an asset management firm which serves as the primary financial advisor to families, individuals, and nonprofit institutions, and who also cofounded Aureus after 22 years as a fund manager and research analyst at Fidelity Investments, dives into an interesting article about stress in the workplace.


One of the most interesting findings of a recent HBR article on team chemistry is that the types of people who become leaders within organizations are about 30{e6c9d9c8379bf679cb01eaa3ffb301506372a94a1d5853a143b3dacf251e2cc9} less likely than their coworkers to feel stressed out. As the CEO of a small investment firm, I was surprised by the finding, but as I considered my own leadership style and intraoffice relationships, I concluded that the authors were onto something. Plus, a finding from a 20,000-person survey is probably worth paying attention to….

To read the article in its entirety visit the page on the Harvard Business Review

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