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According to Rob, there are no “born leaders,” with very few exceptions. All of the great leaders have learned and earned their roles. Rob’s focus in leadership development is to identify and stretch the agility of the leaders he serves. In pursuit of this goal, Rob assists the leader by helping them focus on their characteristic behaviors. Identifying these character traits and behaviors aid the process by exposing inherent qualities which may further the growth of the individual and the company. At the same time, Rob helps the leader understand those adverse qualities which may be detrimental to the growth and furtherance of the company. Once Rob and his client have a handle on “personality,” new disciplines and training can be incorporated and taught to assist the leader in personal growth, evidenced in corporate growth. Unlike behavior coaches or life coaches, Rob’s objectives and expertise in coaching centers around business and leading business in practical, hands-on ways. Rob has the necessary assessment tools to help an individual who is willing to learn and grow to achieve results that impact their lives professionally. A natural by-product of professional growth is a balance with personal achievement.

Rob takes a Socratic approach to coaching. By asking questions to stimulate critical thinking, Rob can draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions to help identify potential areas of growth as well as those that might hinder growth.

Rob is a leader of leaders and works behind the scenes with C.E.O.’s, business owners, and their executive leadership teams to teach them best practices. By providing the tools to establish accountability, those whom Rob serves are better equipped to operate more efficiently and effectively, working within the realm of true-merit as opposed to familial entitlements. Rob provides expertise and the tools to help these leaders fill in the gaps that once hindered their growth. By identifying strategic intents, Rob equips leaders with succinct and bold strategic plans to help them achieve their business goals.

Perhaps the most valuable piece that Rob brings to his clients is flexibility and balance in their approach to mining business opportunities and planning for future success. By helping leaders become more nimble, while at the same time developing clear vision and focus, Rob can better equip these leaders to realize greater potential than they may have thought possible.

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Leadership Development November 28, 2017