Our Main Principles of Client Focus Are:

Expertise to enhance your business and leadership capabilities.

Rob Ferguson offers executive training and workshops designed for providing leaders, managers, individuals, and organizations with the tools necessary for effectively communicating and resolving conflict at an organizational level. From performance coaching to team development and interpersonal coaching, Mr. Ferguson actively collaborates with professionals in various roles within an organization to achieve lasting results that influence leaders not only in the professional realm but in areas of personal life as well.

These comprehensive training sessions work to facilitate personal growth, success, and satisfaction while tapping into and helping refine the raw talent of individuals within an organization, maximizing individual and team performance through intensive professional coaching sessions tailored to your businesses professional development goals.

Focus to achieve critical results for the long term.

Short-term improvements lead to long-lasting results. Rob Ferguson engages his clients in practical ways to help them to identify realistic and meaningful long-term goals, establish the disciplines necessary to realize these goals, ways to manage time effectively so that goals can be reached in the timeframe allocated, rules of engagement to enhance focus when working towards long-term goals, and ways to identify and recognize milestones along the way.

Objectivity in assessment and solutions.

Objectivity is one of the most difficult virtues to maintain in business simply because of the proximity that owners/leaders have in the business they have nurtured, in many cases from inception. Depending on the lens through which the leader views any given situation, outcomes may tend to lean in unfavorable directions to the detriment of the business. Leaders must learn the art of objectivity when making assessments and evaluating circumstances where mission-critical decisions are made.

Rob Ferguson instructs leaders and teams on the principals of objectivity to develop the skills necessary to evaluate situations which may arise in business while maintaining a realistic perspective, keeping personal bias to an absolute minimum. When empowered by effective and defined contingency plans overcoming issues which arise is relatively simple, still many situations that occur in the course of doing business cannot be foreseen and therefore, having the skills to look beyond preconceived ideas is imperative.

Mr. Ferguson helps leaders learn how to gather all of the available information necessary before making decisions, making use of observable data rather than solely relying on personal opinions or past experiences. Helping leaders to make decisions based on fact instead of emotion can put business light-years ahead.

The speed of implementation and transfer of knowledge to sustain continuous improvement of results.

Having the right tools for the job is the goal of every professional. Having effective communication tools is critical to achieving the best results. Rob Ferguson works with businesses to develop systems whereby knowledge, data, and facts about the businesses operations can be disseminated effectively, in real-time, so that important decisions can be derived from factual information.

Mr. Ferguson works with companies to develop operational and analytical dashboards to track and monitor the health of an organization by reporting KPI’s, analytical data and business metrics at a glance, empowering businesses to make necessary adjustments in behavior and drive incremental and consistent improvements.


The end-game is always to improve the effective operation of the business. Rob’s experience has helped many businesses progress at an operational tempo unsurpassed by others in a given industry.

Fifteen-year history of growing value for mid-market companies with revenues of $100 – $350 million as a Chief Executive Officer and President.

Rob Ferguson brings a wealth of invaluable experience to every client and provides real case studies to glean from for effective growth. Where it is not necessary to “re-invent the wheel,” Mr. Ferguson taps into his broad experience to give insightful and practical business advice which can help steer a company in a positive direction. Where innovation is the best alternative, Mr. Ferguson is adept at developing strategies that result in progress.

Experience with varied corporate structures of public, private equity, venture capital and family companies.

Rob Ferguson has vast experience with all forms of corporate governance and understands the peculiarities that make each unique. Combined with experience serving each of these types of entities, Mr. Ferguson is able to guide leadership through the most effective roadmap for success.

Areas of Expertise November 28, 2017