Engaging the employees of a given business in meetings, assessments and workshops to identify problems and create a new Strategy (strategic intents) to improve culture and grow the business and to devise solutions to the problems.  Then Implementing the new Strategy with a system for managing and dashboard reporting.

Business team finding a business strategyFor most businesses this is where the rubber meets the road. Rob Ferguson has decades of experience helping to develop a culture and a climate within organizations that were thought of as insurmountable hurdles and unattainable goals. By tapping into the most valuable resources, human assets within the organization, Rob is able to facilitate intentional planning and strategy workshops designed to help unify an organization and increase employee engagement.


Understanding that change is directed from the top down, but not necessarily facilitated from the top down, having employee “buy-in” is crucial, and yet with the promise of an improved culture and work-life where hurdles are reduced to manageable goals and challenges are met with ingenuity and thoughtfulness as opposed to being burdens, management teams can be empowered to lead more effectively.

Rob works with the leadership of the organization to determine the “what” and the “why” the organization might be experiencing growth difficulties and then provides the teams with the tools and methods to improve and dial in their operations so that higher output can be achieved without creating new and more difficult challenges.

Finally, by providing his clients with a system for managing and a dashboard for reporting, management and leadership teams are able to make qualitative changes and see quantitative measures which not only bolster greater satisfaction and achievement, but also give the teams valuable insights into metrics which can be tied directly to performance indicators.

In one case study a middle-market distributor of financial products (Client) contracted Rob’s services to complete a business value driver survey which led to a proposal to assist the Client to determine the best long-term direction for the company, and how to best align the organization structure and culture to match the mission and objectives of the company. Rob’s utilized strategic implementation practices to develop a sophisticated and strategic operating plan which built upon the company’s value proposition and helped drive the improvements to the company’s profitability.

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Strategic Implementation February 28, 2020