Strategic Valuations

Strategic valuation helps our clients to better understand their options as business owners and helps them to make viable decisions based upon the most likely scenarios. These decisions include whether they should wait on making a move, cut losses and move on, or invest further into a project or business decision. 

Making Accurate Strategic Valuations

Strategic Valuation ServicesThrough strategic valuation, Ferguson Interests can help determine the economic value of your business or business unit to determine the fair value. We assess sale value, determine if partner ownership is viable and what that looks like for the company. We also assist with issues involving taxation and advise in those precarious situations where divorce proceedings impact the disposition of the company, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the current state of your business. Ferguson Interests can help you to make informed decisions about the direction you take your business by providing an objective estimate of the value of your company currently, projected costs and benefits with specific influencers in play, and potential loss scenarios. 

Decades of practical experience have improved Ferguson Interests’ ability to evaluate business and business units and adopt appropriate models by which to gauge value. While it is true that there is a science to the process, one respected and valued by the Ferguson team, there is also an art to determining which models and inputs should be applied. It is through practical experience that subjectivity becomes objective, and the most efficient solutions are the inevitable result. 

When to Consider Strategic Valuation

If you are looking to sell a portion or all of your operations or looking to merge with or even acquire another company, Ferguson Interests can help you to determine the worth of the transaction. By utilizing tried-and-true, objective measures to evaluate all aspects of the deal, you can know with certainty that the valuations are accurate. 

Ferguson Interests evaluates the businesses’ capital structure, future earning potential, real assets, financial statements, and other facets of the business to provide you with an authentic view of the company or business unit value.  

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Strategic Valuation Services March 12, 2020